Repel armed robbers with an innovative fog security system

Passive deterrents like CCTV and alarms are simply not enough to thwart criminals anymore. As the shocking frequency of crimes against South African jewellers continues unabated, more assertive approaches are needed. Fogging systems have proven to be extremely effective in forcing armed robbers to abort their attack, as the rapid deterioration of visibility and loss of control over the situation gives them no option but to flee.

Third-generation diamond polisher and jewellery manufacturer Marc Daems has been using the Fog Bandit system since 2007. Originally from Belgium and now a permanent resident in South Africa, he noticed the lack of innovative security systems available, especially ones that could repel armed robbers. He credits his survival of an armed robbery in 2019 to this fog generation system which stopped the intruders in their tracks. He is now the sole importer of Fog Bandit to South Africa, which is distributed by Full Circle Group.

After a thorough assessment of the premises, the ejectors are installed strategically to ensure the fog is directed in a manner that drives thieves back out through the doors. Because many jewellers work with double security doors that could trap thieves, Fog Bandit has an output on the motherboard that unlocks the security doors on activation. It works quickly, taking only one tenth of a second after activation to begin projecting a stream of dense fog that disorients intruders. After 2 seconds, a dispersal area of more than six metres is covered and mere seconds later visibility is reduced to less than 30cm. See videos of the system being demonstrated here and here, as well as CCTV footage from an actual robbery that was thwarted.

A short training course for staff is recommended once a Fog Bandit is in place so that everyone knows exactly what to expect and what protocols need to be followed. In the event of an activation, the system automatically sends a signal to your armed response company’s control room, so employees simply need to wait in the safety of the fogged room until they arrive. Comprised of a harmless mixture of water and food-grade glycol, the fog meets UK, European and international air quality standards. It leaves no residue so there’s no risk of damage to stock or shop fittings, making it suitable for use in any environment. Once the doors and windows are reopened, the fog begins to dissipate and it will dissolve after half an hour, leaving no trace or clean-up admin.

“Fog Bandit’s five advantageous characteristics: fast, powerful, reliable, safe, and effective.

Parent company Bandit NV has three decades of experience in safety systems and is ISO9001:2015 certified. The product is completely assembled onsite in the Belgian factory, and strictly comprised of superior components. No shortcuts are taken when it comes to quality, making it the most reliable option on the market. The device works autonomously, drawing power from a built-in battery that ensures efficacy even during load shedding. Marc cautions against systems that eject less fog (in terms of volume and density) and at a slower pace. These products provide a window of time in which the now-agitated criminals can still cause damage, grab some items and inflict violence on bystanders and employees.

The statistics back up his claims: where Fog Bandit is activated, 95% of robberies against jewellers completely fail. In all instances, intruders immediately begin to leave the premises the moment a fog ejection occurs.

Jewellers worldwide are opting for the Fog Bandit solution. The system protects staff and patrons from becoming another statistic of violent crime, minimises damage to property and prevents loss. If your premises are in a mall especially, it stands to reason that centre management might be willing to assist with the costs of installation. Being able to draw this fog curtain drastically reduces the chances of their security guards and patrons suffering a traumatising and potentially fatal encounter.

For further info regarding installations please contact:

Peter-John Smith 087 551 2832
Distributor: Fog Bandit SA, via Full Circle Group



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