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Babalo Rozani – King of ‘Xhosa Bling’

Nobody could accuse Babalo Chuma Rozani of resting on his laurels. While the B.Tech he holds in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing may be nothing unusual in this industry, he’s also a qualified technical report writer and advanced project manger, as well as being an accredited moderator, assessor, learning facilitator, coach and mentor. Adding to this string of achievements, he also placed as a finalist at the PlatAfrica Awards in 2016 for his Isagweba Sceptre in wood, platinum and leather; and has completed an advanced course in Rhino 4.

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Why shouldn’t jewellers do their own refining?

Refining is not as simple as it sounds, despite what that dodgy YouTube tutorial tells you. DIY projects may put your safety, reputation and profits at risk, and can have unpredictable and disastrous results for your finished jewellery pieces.

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Promote your jewellery for Father’s Day

While generally not as lucrative as Mother’s Day for most jewellers, don’t overlook the potential sales opportunities presented by dad’s special day. According to a survey by dunnhumby (a customer data science company with a footprint in South Africa) 57% of respondents spend the same amount for Father’s Day as they do on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, these amounts are reportedly on average between R100 and R300 for the majority, but if your clientele splurged for mom, they’re likely to do the same for dad.

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5 ways to make your jewellery more eco friendly and ethical

There is a massive and growing trend towards mindfully made products, and jewellery certainly is no exception. Embarking on this path starts with introspection about what will work for your brand, and what is achievable at your scale of operations. How can you reduce the burden on the Earth and benefit or support local people? Where do your materials come from? Whose hands and lives have they touched along the way? What environment were they made in? Here are some pointers to get you started on your journey to feel-good jewellery production:

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How to market your jewellery for Mother’s Day

Considered one of the jewellery industry’s peak sales periods, Mother’s Day can be a big money maker for certain industries, and jewellers need to aggressively position themselves as the go-to choice for high-end gifts. 70% of South Africans polled on social media expressed positive sentiments around the day, and it’s celebrated across all ethnicities, religions and cultures.

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