Promote your jewellery for Father’s Day

While generally not as lucrative as Mother’s Day for most jewellers, don’t overlook the potential sales opportunities presented by dad’s special day. According to a survey by dunnhumby (a customer data science company with a footprint in South Africa) 57% of respondents spend the same amount for Father’s Day as they do on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, these amounts are reportedly on average between R100 and R300 for the majority, but if your clientele splurged for mom, they’re likely to do the same for dad.

Just over half of the men surveyed claimed to spend more on gifts for their moms than for their dads, so you may want to consider targeting daughters and wives as buyers of your high-end items (of course this is as always dependent on your specific market). With 46% of shoppers saying the primary reason behind buying a gift is to spoil dad, it would be a good idea to remind your clients that he probably doesn’t want another beer mug or pair of socks!

47% of consumers believe that acquiring a Mother’s Day gift is way easier than shopping for Father’s Day due to a common lack of preparation by most outlets. Another study found that 28% of shoppers always or very often look to retailers for inspiration. Exploit this gap by creating gift guides, emailing your list regularly and generally making it as easy as possible for people to choose your products over something that dad ‘needs’. After the rough year we’ve all had, practical and cheap gifts may be the norm, but an exceptional spoil is a fitting thank you for an exceptional father. Says dunnhumby SA General Manager, Graeme Tulloch: “Father’s Day now has the potential to become as lucrative a consumer holiday [as Mother’s Day] for retailers.”

Further good news for retailers is that 66% of respondents in the South African survey said they prefer to shop in store rather than online. The buying timelines are similar to Mother’s Day, with the first searches starting a month prior, and most occurring a week or two before. As usual, commissions-only craftspeople will need to start advertising way in advance, but the day-before gift voucher is always a handy offering for any jeweller. On average, buyers who start browsing earlier also spend more than the last-minute panic buyers, so make sure you’re in front of them by mid-May. The most Googled phrase around the occasion is ‘When is Father’s Day’ — so an email reminding them of the date is a welcome prompt. For your ease of reference, this year it’s Sunday, 20 June 2021.

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The same rules apply for eCommerce as pointed out in our Mother’s Day article, so give that a re-read and apply the relevant points to your market and for this occasion. Non-negotiables in 2021 include a website that is mobile-responsive, loads fast on any device, and features high quality photographs of your jewellery. Expect potential customers to comparison shop and anticipate abandoned carts if you don’t offer free (or cheap) shipping. International studies have shown that high rates of cart abandonment are also linked to online returns policies, confusing checkout process or account requirements, so make yours as hassle-free and convenient as possible.

We can’t stress enough that understanding your audience is crucial when designing and curating your Father’s Day range, but personalisation seems to be a trend across the board, so do try to include customisable elements in your pre-made items. Many respondents surveyed claim they look for a gift that’s unique or different, or that creates a special memory. Think: Batman cufflinks for the comic book fan, a steel bracelet that can be engraved with the GPS co-ordinates of his favourite place, or a ring with his kids’ names or birthdates stamped onto the inside. Fathers with medical conditions could be gifted a simple wristband engraved with details of their allergies or their first-responder requirements in the case of an emergency. A potential product idea you could create for the man who may prefer not to wear jewellery normally – that could save his life.

Marketing: Keep it real!

Inject a sense of humour into your marketing by cracking some dad jokes in your campaigns (or asking your followers to comment with theirs), and beware of stereotypical depictions of manliness. The data is not readily available for the local market, but a US study by Dove Men+Care Internal Research found that “only 7% of men can relate to depictions of masculinity in media.” Take a look at one of the videos for the very effective campaign that evolved from their research, it may inspire yours. In fact Dove has done a great job of creating campaigns geared towards dads – also acknowledging that the father figures in our lives are often granddads, uncles etc. This is particularly pertinent in South Africa where many biological dads are sadly absent from their children’s lives.

Use storytelling in your advertising to connect with customers on an emotional level, like Toyota’s #OneBoldChoice campaign from 2015. What memories can be associated with your jewellery, that fit your customers’ ideas of identity?

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Did you know that June is LGBTQ Pride Month? While this may not be a widespread celebration in South Africa just yet, you may want to consider same-sex parents when crafting your Father’s Day messaging, as well as your range. Could you create product offers that provide an affordable treat for both fathers without putting too much of a strain on the kids’ wallets, or that speak to husbands as the potential buyers of these gifts?

Teaming up with brands that have synergy with yours is still a good tactic for Father’s Day promotions and bundled gift packages, but you may need to think a bit harder about what might work for the dads (we expand on cooperative or reciprocal marketing ventures, as well as thoughts on discounting options, in our Mother’s Day article). Hosting your own combined activity day where your jewellery is part of a prize could work – but do be extremely careful to adhere to all COVID protocols and keep an eye on the infection rates as we approach the winter season.

Tug on those heartstrings by asking for customers to send in pictures or stories of dads going above and beyond for their kids (while juggling a career and possibly even home-schooling still…). Similarly to what we mentioned in our Mother’s Day article, the hashtag #dadfail will also turn up some funny posts if it’s appropriate for your brand to lovingly craft a campaign around that, and we also shared a list of user-generated content and social media post ideas in that article that can easily be adapted for dads.

Best of luck, we hope you’re able to make the most of this buying cycle! Don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything CPM can do to assist you further.



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