How to market your jewellery for Mother’s Day

Considered one of the jewellery industry’s peak sales periods, Mother’s Day can be a big money maker for certain industries, and jewellers need to aggressively position themselves as the go-to choice for high-end gifts. 70% of South Africans polled on social media expressed positive sentiments around the day, and it’s celebrated across all ethnicities, religions and cultures.

According to, 85% of searches related to Mother’s Day jewellery are for unbranded items. This presents opportunity for small business in the jewellery sector, indicating that people are looking for thoughtful gifting options rather than big name brands. While the vast majority of searches occur around a week or two before, you’ll still need to get your range and campaign plans sorted out ASAP if you want to capitalise on this buying cycle. The early birds start searching a month before, so if you’re organised in time and especially if you only take custom commissions, this is the absolute deadline to work towards. Be ready to focus your marketing and SEO efforts for the peak sales one or two weeks before, but experts recommend starting your aggressive campaigns no earlier than 3 weeks before, depending on when the Easter weekend falls, so your promotions don’t get lost in the noise. In the last 48-72 hours before, buyers are more likely to settle on cards, edibles and flowers as a last-minute gift option, but a gift voucher is always a great last resort.

When designing your collection, think long-term:
First things first: understand your audience. It all boils down to knowing exactly who you’re talking to and what their needs are, but if you’re targeting the 20-30 year range (who have been found to spend the most on gifts of jewellery for Mother’s Day), bear in mind that millennials tend to prefer jewellery that can be customised, in styles that can be worn every day, and can be more sensitive to pricing. You can read more on this topic here.

Personalisation is one of the biggest current trends even outside of the millennial market, and research indicates it’s here to stay. If you’re creating a line specifically for Mother’s Day, ensure that it includes customisable elements. Surfaces that allow engraving, as well as settings for the birthstones of her kids or grandkids are a common way this has been done in the past. If you have a best-selling piece you’d like to promote rather, consider how this could be made one-of-a-kind for that extra special touch.

Make a range that your clients will want to buy from every year. Pandora has done this very well. It will take the pressure off of the gift giver since there’s no need to think about what to buy for mom ever again – they can simply buy the earrings that match the necklace they bought last year, or purchase more charms to go onto a bracelet, or more stacking rings or bangles.

If you’re a bit short on time and won’t get a new collection together in time, consider offering a mother-daughter workshop as a wonderful way to spend the day together rather than another crowded lunch date, and they’ll both walk away with a lovely little item.

Before jumping into your marketing plan, identify your primary and secondary objectives for this campaign. Is it all about getting immediate sales, launching or promoting new products, creating brand awareness and generating new leads, or a combination of these? Don’t forget that moms come in a wide variety of ages and that you can target your marketing efforts towards grandmothers or great grandmothers as well, should that be a good fit for your brand.

High quality photographs of your jewellery are (as usual) very important. 40% of all online buyers always search for images before making a purchase, so your visual content needs to be on form. Especially since so many searches are for unbranded items, your digital presence needs to communicate trustworthiness and legitimacy to convert the cold traffic that lands on your site. Direct any book or Google ads to a curated landing page of all the items that you think might work as Mother’s Day gifts, and don’t forget to make it searchable for organic traffic! If you don’t have a web or eCommerce consultant, the DIY option is to create it in the format of a blog post with images, and make sure the title of your copy relates to keywords that would answer the question someone looking for gift ideas might type into their search bar – especially if you’re promoting items under a certain price point. Gift guides are a great way to provide shoppers with ideas, especially if you can group items by the kind of persona you’re targeting.

If an extra landing page doesn’t work with your strategy, time or budget, consider creating a pop-up or updating the opt in to your mailing list perhaps with the promise of sending them Mother’s Day gifting ideas, a downloadable catalogue or discount vouchers in exchange for their email address. Set your automation to send out email campaigns at least once a week thereafter highlighting your most desirable pieces to stay top-of-mind. More tactics to try here are countdowns, order deadline reminders and showcases of your best selling products. Word your email subject lines according to what will pique your audience’s interest in order to get them to open yours amongst the flood of similar brands offering promotions around this time.

Cooperative or reciprocal marketing ventures expand your reach into your chosen partner’s audience, so figure out which companies compliment your jewellery and chat to them about joining forces to promote both of your offerings as a bundled gift or a giveaway. If you’re doing a giveaway, it’s crucial to collect all relevant contact info from entrants for follow-up marketing as competitions usually drive brand awareness rather than lucrative sales. Especially if you are a retailer in a mall, partnering with other store owners of clothing boutiques, salons or florists would make a lovely package gift spoil day for the lucky lady. Everyone wins here since all participating shops will be able to advertise to foot traffic in multiple locations around their retail centre, and store management might be roped in to help since it benefits the centre as a whole. Especially if you don’t have a retail space, take advantage of your email list and social channels to poll your clientele on which partner they’d prefer to see you create a gift bundle with. Not only will this create some anticipation, it has the added benefit of including your audience in your promotional decision-making to ensure that you don’t craft an offer that falls flat.

Restaurants especially have been hard-hit after the lockdowns and may be very willing to offer a gift card to your clients who spend over a certain amount on your jewellery. While Mother’s Day is traditionally a very busy event for them, it’s only one day, and it can feel very crowded. They win when your customers receive an incentive to spend money with them (perhaps on any day other than Mother’s Day), and your customers will appreciate the saving after opening their wallets for the jewellery gift. The converse arrangement can also work: if you covet another successful non-competing store’s clientele and your brands are a good fit, you could chat to them about offering their customers a voucher for your jewellery range at no cost to your partner.

Consumers have been trained to expect discounts around these important retail events, but make sure they work for you as well as being appealing to the buyer. For instance, you could offer a free gift rather, or a discount on the cheaper of two items purchased, or a discount or free shipping over a certain threshold. Go the extra mile and incentivise your customers by offering free gift-wrapping or printable greeting cards. Subscribers to digital channels do respond favourably to the scarcity created by sending out a promo code that will expire within a certain time period, so don’t be afraid to limit these to a week or so especially if you have a large and loyal audience. Chat to your couriers about discounts that you can pass on, like a cheaper overnight shipping rate for those last-minute buyers. Carts are often abandoned at the stage of the checkout process that adds the shipping fee, so if you can offer free delivery you statistically should see sales increase. If you offer free shipping over a certain spend, having a few cheap items in your collection can incentivise buyers to add those to their order to get the free shipping as well as the little extra gift, for sometimes a similar price. If your eCommerce system allows it, make sure to send email reminders for abandoned carts and perhaps offer a discount code to complete that sale.

If your budget allows and you’re after a hyper-local market, snail mail could be a refreshingly different approach as many brands have switched to digital communication. This would work especially well for jewellers who exclusively create bespoke or handcrafted pieces, and who can convey that feeling with perhaps textured cards or even hand written promotional materials in post boxes around the neighbourhood.

Shop around for discounted Mother’s Day advertising rates from digital platforms and print publications. Success here (as with all things marketing-related) will depend on how well you know and can target your ideal customer through the media they consume. Studies have found that on average women are more likely to buy a Mother’s Day gift, but that men who do purchase a present tend to spend more. Ultimately you should know best who in your audience you need to appeal to.

Campaign ideas:
Bear in mind that purchases are based on emotion and justified by logic. Getting sentimental in a sincere and non-manipulative way will result in positive associations with your brand. Brick-and-mortar stores can ask for handwritten love notes to Mom to be included in their window displays, which adds the feel-good factor as well as creating a sense of community around the brand and providing social proof that others are engaged with and trust your business.

There’s an increasing trend away from the concept of moms who have it all together, as millennial parents especially express how hard it can be to raise a family with the added pressures of juggling a career – and especially in a pandemic! Between home-schooling and remote work, life certainly has been extra messy of late. If your jewellery follows a loose and whimsically unpolished style, pairing it to this movement which embraces imperfections could gain you some traction. Search for inspiration via #momfail for examples of what is being shared so you can craft a campaign that taps into this sentiment.

Leverage the power of user generated content (UGC) to create free buzz. When done right, these can lead to valuable insights into your ideal clients. Here are some suggestions to help you gain exposure for your products by reaching new leads, engage your audience, and get insights into your customer’s lifestyles and preferences:

  • Create helpful, shareable content that doesn’t come across as sales-focused, like DIY instructions for a bracelet or a simple pair of earrings (bonus points if some of the decorative components are sentimental, and the rest could be purchased from you). Giving them a couple of different options and asking which they made allows you to note what’s popular.
  • Send out suggestions for outings for the day or simple recipes kids can follow to spoil mom with for breakfast in bed, and ask for comments on those too.
  • Invite people to post loving images or messages featuring their moms to your Facebook page or using your hashtag, and award a prize to the winner. It’s best to ask people to vote on the winner so the contestants are more likely to share it with their friends, which get you more exposure.
  • Post a picture of a jewellery item and ask your followers who are moms to comment what vacation destination or Mother’s Day event they would love to wear it to. Ask them to tag the people who are responsible for buying the gift as a hint.
  • Post stories about famous/mythological/fictional mothers you admire, who fit your brand. You could even turn it into a “Guess who did this…” kind of series. This could also be a true or false game with prizes, or daily ‘winners’ to be entered into one lucky draw at the end.
  • Gift battles: this format asks moms which pictured item they would choose and helps with market research and to showcases your products. You can also turn this into a competition where one person wins their choice item out of a series of posts.
  • Ask your followers to share mom’s best advice or recipe. Others will also be attracted to the value in the thread and are likely to share these kinds of posts.
  • Ask the moms in your audience to comment with the worst situation their kid ever got themselves into, and how mom saved them. They should tag the kids or spouses too, with a hint that they deserve high-end jewellery t make up for it!
  • The Body Shop’s successful 2017 #GotItFromHer campaign invited their audience to share photos of mothers that have passed on quirky and empowering traits to their children.

A final idea is to run a campaign the week after Mother’s Day promoting your most gorgeous pieces, pointing out that moms could buy them as a treat for themselves, or drop hints to family members who forgot, or gave disappointing gifts on the Sunday. If there is anything further CPM can assist you with, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help you set those tills ringing!



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